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Enjoy the sights, sounds and fun from one of our Annual Italian Festivals


If you would like to be a vendor at one of our events, please email us at and you MUST include the following infrtion:
1. Contact name
2. Business Name
3. Business Website
4. Contact email address
5. Contact phone number
6. Product or service being offered at the event.
Once we receive these details, we will reach out to you ASAP with additional details

Our Story

In 2013 a group of local Arizonian-Italian Americans got together to discuss how to bring the Italian Community together. Not an easy task given that most Italians are spread out across the valley and state and over time organized small groups and clubs locally to socialize amongst themselves. These six gentlemen had a vision that one day they would have a place that was the centrepiece or focal point for all things Italian and provide a place where the local community could come together to learn more about Italian arts, culture, traditions and avail themselves of services provided by the organization.

The organization would be the hub for local and international businesses that could share their products or services across international borders and provide assistance through local agencies to help build or kickstart their entrepreneurial efforts with a focus on arts, culture, and education.

The Italian Association looks very different today than it did in 2013. The annual ITALIAN FESTIVAL™ that celebrates all things Italian in the valley has grown to capacity crowds. The pop-up museum/gallery was a major breakthrough and success in 2019 and is being expanded for the next major event. In 2022 we are introducing the “Italian Marketplace” that will showcase authentic Italian products imported from Italy.

The Italian Association is partnering and/or collaborating with the local private sector and governmental organizations to provide assistance to businesses looking for assistance in their expansion efforts.

Italy is recognized globally for its culture and arts and the home of some of the most famous thought leaders in our history and the Italian Association of Arizona is playing a major role in the introduction and dissemination of this information to the local community. Our goal of establishing a community center that can become the hub for a ‘Little Italy’ is the dream.

We invite you to join our organization and grow with us. Take part in our events that cover everything from local wine tastings and dinner to festivals, and cultural events.

Our Mission

To be the voice and focal point of the Italian community of Arizona. To represent and spur growth throughout the community. To organize cultural, commercial, and administrative Italian activities in support and to the benefit of our community as well as the American community. To be the local entity that will operate in support of different initiatives requested from Italy.

The Italian Festival™

The Italian Festival™ has become the hallmark of the Association. We are now heading into the 7th edition of the festival and it continues to grow and garner attention from major commercial sponsors. Introducing the Italian Marketplace is where we bridge the gap between Italy and Arizona. We are proud of what the Italian Festival™ stands for and look forward to its continued success in years to come.

Arts & Culture

The Italian Association was founded on the premise of promoting Italian Arts & Culture. Our vision is to be able to gather in time the necessary financial resources to create an Italian Cultural Center with services and support for the Italian people the community at large. We hope one day that Arizona will be the home to an area in the valley dedicated to its very own version of Little Italy.


The Italian Association is a 501 c3 non-profit organization recognized by the IRS. Founded in 2013 with the scope and purpose to promote Italian arts, culture, and businesses services to local and international businesses. We welcome donations to help support our goals and efforts and thank you for your support.


Memberships in the Italian association help support the day-to-day operations of organizing and execution of many of our events. Members receive various benefits such as discounts to our events, member-only events, advance notice ahead of the general public of events ticket sales. Our business members also have the ability to provide discounts to our members.